Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are an easy solution to keep the fire in the fireplace and protect your home, family, and furniture from the popping coals. Fireplace doors are an easy solution to keep the fire in the fireplace and protect your home, family, and furniture from the popping coals. Fireplace doors also help to keep smoke from entering into your room, and are very handy at regulating the amount of heat coming out of your fireplace. You can locate several wonderful types of aftermarket fireplace doors. However, keep in mind that most doors are designed for a specific type of fireplace; therefore ensure that you purchase doors which will fit your fireplace.

Glass fireplace doors are possible the most elegant solution, allowing you the enjoyment of watching the fire while the doors are closed. You can find glass doors in a verity of shapes and sizes, to fit nearly any traditional fireplace hearth. Some fireplace manufacturers provide glass doors, which will only to fit their fireplace models. Therefore, you have to make sure to verify that the doors you’re purchasing are suited for your fireplace. Another excellent solution is cast iron fireplace doors, which offer the best heat conduction possible. Through you will not be able to enjoy the view of the fire the cast iron doors do transmit more heat from the fireplace into your room better than glass doors.

There are two types of fireplaces, masonry (brick & mortar) and metal prefabricated fireplaces, sometimes called zero-clearance fireplaces. If you look inside your fireplace and see brick and mortar with a brick chimney then you have a masonry fireplace. If what you see is a metal box (some have firebrick lining) and a metal pipe for a chimney then you have a zero-clearance fireplace. Masonry fireplaces have a brick and mortar chimney while zero-clearance fireplaces have a metal chimney pipe usually enclosed in a framed in chaise with the metal chimney extending out the top. You will need to identify which type of fireplace you have. One type will not fit on another.

But generally Glass doors are which the most this is because Glass doors add beauty and charm to the fireplace. They also serve a useful purpose by allowing the slowing down of combustion air to the fire. This allows the fire to burn slower and longer. It is often noted that where glass or metal doors are installed, the incidence of dirty chimneys increases. Metal doors are almost always found on wood burning stoves. These doors can get very hot. Use caution while the fireplace or stove is in use. It is common for the doors to fall to the floor and burn carpets, etc. A face screen is an absolute must on a fireplace. Without one, the hot embers may pop out onto the carpet or onto some other combustible object resulting in a fire. Keep the screen closed at all times while a fire is burning and while embers are hot.

So always try to have the best selection for the Fireplace Doors so as to have the nice Fireplace along with beauty.

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