Stone fireplace surrounds

Fireplace makes you living room something special and you will often get the ‘wow’ effect with your guests if you build you fireplace right. Fireplace is much more than just a hole in a wall with chimney.

Fireplace design has really make a big step forward over last few decades. But fireplaces themselves have not changed much – the real difference is in fireplace surrounds. You can find a wide specter of surrounds from very modern and extravagant to antique classic designs.

Surrounds can be build from different materials. You can choose wood and build shelves for you collection of book around you fireplace, bricks to get the touch of classic era or stone and make a wonderful antique or modern look with sharp or rounded shapes.

Stone fireplace surrounds are becoming more and more popular over last few years because they are very durable and can be shaped in any style you want. If you use white stone and shape it into sharp lines you will get very modern fireplace and great contrast between cold stone outside and warm fire inside.

If you choose yellow, brown or orange type of stone you can build classic or antique fireplace surround. It is great that you can make your fireplace look very big and luxury for relatively low price.

Designing your fireplace using stone is quite easy but you have to be careful with that. Before ordering your surrounds you have to be sure it will fit in you living room. I am not talking about the size of fireplace but fitting of style. If you have modern furniture in you living room massive, antique fireplace won’t fit well into style of your room. If you do not have very good feeling for styling it is better to consult with professional interior designer before purchasing your fireplace.

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