Zero Clearance Fireplace

The reality of the modern home includes a sense of movement and flexibility. People want their homes to be chic, yet functional. Old world masonry fireplaces encompass a significant amount of manpower and square footage in the modern home. The Zero Clearance Fireplace operates as a alternative to heavy construction. Zero Clearance Fireplaces are prefabricated heating structures that come in a variety of functions, aesthetics, and efficiencies. Because the central heating location or firebox can be enclosed in a variety of surfaces, the zero clearance fireplace will fit into any decor or room size. Consumers can choose from wood, stone, or ceramic finishes to the casing. Additionally, the size of the firebox is also up to the consumer. The low profile design and construction eliminates the need to remove walls or maintain large and unattractive fire accessories. Many of the zero clearance models operate via natural gas that can simple be turned on and off as needed. If you decide the change the arrangement of your home or remodel, the zero clearance fireplace can be easily moved to a new location. Zero clearance fireplaces are also more efficient for many homeowners. Some models can operate at seventy percent efficiency–burning so hot that it also consumes the majority of pollution created. On multiple levels the zero clearance fireplace uses less of your family’s resources.

When choosing to purchase and install your zero clearance fireplace there are several decisions that will be important when deciding on what brand, model, size, and design.

1. How big is the room you will be installing the zero clearance fireplace?

Make sure that the room can accommodate a fireplace and will not be a hazard to heavy foot traffic.

2. What size firebox will your room or home require to accomplish the desired effects?

Make sure to consult with the representative from whom you are planning to make the purchase as to what size is appropriate for your room. Obviously, the bigger the space the larger the firebox will need to be to assure you are able to accomplish the desired functions.

3. Where will you install the zero clearance fireplace to make it aesthetically and functionally pleasing?

Make sure that you plan ahead for the location of installation to assure it meets all of your aesthetic and functional needs. You will need to consider lighting, walls, furniture, and overall layout of your space.

4. What casing will meet your decor and aesthetic needs on your zero clearance fireplace?

The nature of the zero clearance fireplace is to offer cast amounts of choice. There are countless options for making the design of your fireplace. Consider all the options and determine what design will be a long standing fixture in your home.

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