Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts, that’s the solution I have come up with to transform my out-of-date fireplace into an attractive center to the family room. After being faced with the reality of having to invest a bundle of money into restoring what the inspector called a ‘fire hazard’, I began surfing the net for an economical and easy solution. It didn’t take long to find the best option: The Electric Fireplace Insert. It offered everything I hoped for: an incredibly realistic flame effect and economical to operate.

I’m not much of a handyman; as a matter of fact I’m a 52 year-old woman who has never held a screwdriver in her hand, so, after ordering online, I was somewhat apprehensive about how I was going to install my new acquisition that was on its way. Before long, my order had arrived, and I found myself peering down at the box. Would it be as easy to install as the ad claimed? My brain rattled trying to think of whom I could call to help me with the installation, how much it would cost and how much mess it would make.

Before calling anyone, I decided to take a peek inside the box. I was anxious and excited. With care I removed the moving tape and lifted the flaps to the box. There it was my electric fireplace Insert. I slid the unit out gently, removed the packing and carried it over to the fireplace. Now, I thought, was the hard part: I inserted it into the old fireplace, plugged it in and turned it on. Voilà! All of my worries vanished as I basked in the heat of my lovely electric fireplace insert.

Now, when my girlfriends come over to play poker or my grandchildren stop by to visit, I have a cozy place to entertain. Instead of spending thousands on fixing or replacing my old fireplace, I bought warmth and ambiance for a fraction of the price. And best of all, I don’t have to buy firewood, lug it into my house, worry about rug burns or clean up the messy ashes. What can I say, I want simplicity and got it!

The electric fireplace insert is the perfect addition to any home. The one I bought works exactly as advertised and I would certainly recommend it to all my friends…as a matter of fact I have.

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