Gas Fireplace Inserts

Do you have an old fireplace that doesn’t get used because you don’t like the mess? Or perhaps you are building a new home and although you like the ambiance of a fire place, you don’t want to have to worry about buying wood or cleaning up the mess. Well if this describes you then take heart because there is another alternative, have you considered using gas fire inserts.

If you are building a home then you are in luck, if you have not done so already you can add the framing for your gas insert and the gas piping into the plans. Using gas fireplace inserts instead of building a traditional fireplace has some advantages. The first advantage would be the obvious money that you save by not having to build a chimney. The second advantage is that gas fireplace inserts are cleaner burning. Now you can have a romantic night by the fire with no mess.

If your home already has a traditional fireplace you are still in luck, they make gas fireplace inserts to fit into most standard sized fireplaces. The main thing to remember when you put a fireplace insert into an existing fireplace is to have a qualified person do the plumbing work for the gas pipes. And make sure you have the type of gas insert that your gas pipe is setup for, for example natural gas or propane.

Gas fireplace inserts are a fun and economical way to have that perfect evening, either with a loved one or just sitting by the fire enjoying a good book. You will be glad that you purchased one.

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