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Fireplace screens are a nice compliment to even the simplest fireplace, because they draw the eye away from what its blackened interior. A fireplace screen can be decorative and fit in with the rest of the home’s décor. With the rising popularity of fireplaces in homes is it any wonder that fireplace screens have become a big decorative and focal point within your living space? Whether you live in Maine or California fireplaces are the thing to have in your home so why not make your fireplace a standout feature in your living space.

Fireplace screens, like any accessory for your hearth, must first be appropriately sized for your particular fireplace. Next, they must also match the other accessories near the hearth or the area will be filled with items that don’t match and will take away from the look and feel of the area overall. Remember, purely decorative glass fireplace screens don’t stop sparks from destroying your floor, and they will be destroyed if you put them in front of a roaring fire. So, you should always take into consideration how you plan to use the screen then work on finding the screen that best suits your decor and budget.

Fireplace screens are the first line of defense a homeowner has while using a fireplace. Yes, these creations are designed to burn logs indoors while providing heat, but they can sometimes get out of control. The fireplace screens help ensure they don’t. Operating a fireplace without understanding basic safety and maintenance is not recommended.

The main purpose of using Fireplace Screens is as under.

1. Sometimes when a roaring fire is really roaring, the wood pops and crackles. While that’s the charm of a fireplace, if those embers happen to fly into a room, a fire outside the confines of the fireplace can start. This is where screens are vitally important. If a fire is burning, a screen should be installed. There are no ifs, ands or buts about that one. They simply protect the house and everyone in it from accidents.

Keep creatures out. Animals and children are best protected in a house with a fireplace when the screen is in place. As the screen works to keep embers it, it also helps make sure things like curious little hands and wagging tails don’t make their way into the fire area. With this in mind, it’s vitally important to keep a screen in place as a fire roars.

The other thing which must be kept in mind by the house owners is to have an annual maintenance. It’s a very good idea to have a fireplace inspected and cleaned once a year. This might seem like overkill, but the truth is it is just a smart and safe idea. Cleaning can help remove fire hazards and also make sure that smoke is being properly vented outside of the house.

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