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Follow These Rules to Make Your Outdoor Planters Thrive

If it was easy and simple to go about with container gardening, everyone would already have lots of thriving plants on their front doors and blossoming outdoor planters in their gardens. But, the path to container gardening is not a primrose one.

The truth is that caring for your potted plants is not easy but it is also not ass tricky, especially when you have the right foundation. Almost everyone right now can groom some lovely outdoor pots, especially when armed with some helpful gardening tips and ideas. 

The best thing about these outdoor pots is that there is no need for you to get the help of a landscape designer just so you can set and place them or keep them growing season after season. All it takes is a little bit of commitment on your part and remembering the following simple rules on how care for your outdoor pots or the many seasons to come.

Your Pots Won’t Thrive If They Don’t Drain 

For those containers labeled outdoor/indoor, don’t forget to pop out their drainage hole prior to taking them outside. Put the saucer under the outdoor planters to keep your porch or patio safe from stains. 

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Colorful outdoor planters for your terrace

Go for Light and Cool Containers 

Once the sun starts to bake everything on your patio, it means that it also heats up the roots, soil, and leaves of your plants. If you are using a dark metal pot, for example, your container will be at risk of being cooked together with its contents. 

Stop putting gravel at the bottom of your pots

Double-walled and light-colored planters can increase the fighting chance of your patio companions. When it comes to materials, glazed earthenware and terra cotta pots look amazing but they can also get very heavy. They might also end up cracking during extremely cold temperatures unless they are marked as frost-resistant. Go for polyethylene, fiberglass, or resin instead.

Fertilize on a Regular Basis 

Even if you have mixed in fertilizer in your potting soil, it is still important to regularly feed your baby flora. You don’t need to over think this one. You can do just fine with an all-purpose fertilizer complete with directions for plants grown in outdoor planters You should typically fertilize once every 6 weeks based on the package directions.  

Groom Your Baby Flora

Trim the stem under the flower or sheer off all the dead blooms at same time to encourage new blooms. It will promote a bushy re-growth and ensure that the plant doesn’t look messy. If the plant starts growing in a different direction than what you intended to, prune this with a light hand for you to give it some shape. Avoid cutting off over a third of a plant at time. 

Water Them

Plan to water your plants at least two times a week during sunny seasons. During very dry and hot spells or in climates that are extremely dry and hot, watering should be done every other day. Succulents and similar low-water selections will never be happy in bone-dry pots. Be sure to check the soil moisture every day. Wait to water if the soil is still damp two inches down.  

Make your outdoor planters thriving and beautiful with these simple rules. 

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