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Ljubljana as Your Top Choice for Luxury Apartments

Searching for luxury apartments in the capital city of Ljubljana is getting more and more popular, with Slovenia recently hailed as one of the world’s top ten destinations for property investment. The growth forecast of the country is expected to be more than 280% in the next decade. 

The capital is an obvious location to buy properties for overseas investors, thanks to its booming demand and shortage of high-quality property. There are also exciting opportunities for solid rental incomes and capital growth as well. 

Slovenia is among the countries that became a part of the European Economic Union just recently. It also boasts the strongest economic growth among the other new member states. 

This economic growth and the new-found optimism are mainly focused on Ljubljana which produces approximately 25% of the total Gross Domestic Product of Slovenia. 

Continue reading below to know more about Ljubljana and why it is the perfect place to buy property:

Real Estate Market in Ljubljana

The prices of Ljubljana properties are seeing a steep increase and it seems that the gains are set to continue in the coming years. 

buy luxury apartments
Slovenian capital is an obvious location to buy luxury apartments for overseas investors, thanks to its booming demand

The stringent restrictions on land planning and limited housing supply are the key factors for this growth. Simply put, the supply is lower than the demand, and the trend is expected to continue even in the near future. 

The City

The city of Ljubljana is often considered a smaller, more intimate, but less developed version of Prague in terms of its appearance. The area exudes a vibrant and thriving cosmopolitan atmosphere with most of its population made up of people under 30. Ljubljana also features spectacular baroque architecture, lovely medieval buildings, and towering church spires. 

During the first half of the 20th century, Jože Plečnik shaped the appearance of modern-day Ljubljana. Plečnik was a native of the city and was a great architect. His followers complemented the cityscape. The creations of a New Wave of young architects also gave the city its unique look and feel that continues to delight all visitors to this day. 

The city’s population is approximately 270,000, which makes the city compact and small with excellent transport links that make it easy, simple, and fast to get around. 

The most touristy season runs from the month of June through September when the order of the day is al fresco, and the temperatures range from pleasant and warm to humid and hot. This is why autumn is considered the best time to visit Ljubljana, especially if you are looking for luxury apartments. The weather is still warm with the leaves falling off the trees, giving the city a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. 

The city of Ljubljana in wintertime
The city of Ljubljana attracts a lot of tourists in wintertime with its unique decoration.

Winter is often cold, but tourists are attracted to the snow. With ski slopes only a short drive away, a lot of tourists stop by the city as part of their trip to Slovenia. They also use the time to explore the many delights in the area. The Adriatic coast, the Karst region, the wine-growing areas, the many historic towns, and the lush mountains are all within a couple of hours away by car. The city is also the perfect base if you want to explore the nearby countries of Croatia, Austria, and Italy. 

Since there are now budget airlines with regular flights to Jože Pučnik Airport in the city, access has become easier than ever, leading to the increasing number of both overseas property buyers and tourists. 

Exploring Ljubljana

There are a lot of things that await you the moment you set foot in the largest city and capital of Slovenia. However, you might be surprised to know that it is still best explored on foot since it is not as large as other metropolitan cities. And if you do feel tired after all the walking, you can be sure that you will never be too far away from the numerous riverside cafes and bars. 

Exploring the city of Ljubljana

But one surprising trivia about the city is that much of its present-day charm is actually the result of a catastrophe. A devastating earthquake in 1895 reduced most of the place to ruins. Thankfully, Plečnik made use of the rubble to design the amazing Art Nouveau buildings that delight the eyes of tourists to this day. 

Ljubljana was also voted as the European Green Capital in 2016. Today, the city center is mostly free from cars. If the idea of walking on foot doesn’t fascinate you, there is also a new cycling network. Public transport also has low emissions, making the city greener. 

Here are some of the things you can do as you explore the city of Ljubljana. 

Go for a Walking Tour 

Taking a walking tour is one of the best ways to visit and discover a new city. It is a wonderful way to get your bearings, see the highlights, and learn a bit more about the place you are visiting. 

Visit Prešeren Square

Located right in the heart of Ljubljana, Prešeren Square is named after the celebrated 19th-century Slovenian poet France Prešeren. His work “Zdravljica” even became the national anthem of the country. 

Even Prešeren’s statue has a story because it faces the window where his muse and unrequited love Julija Primic once lived. The poet first laid his eyes on the lady in 1833 at a church in Trnovo and described her as pretty, rich, and out of his league. 

Prešeren square and Triple Bridge in the city of Ljubljana
Prešeren square and Tromostovje – Triple Bridge in the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Primic married another man after six years, and even if Prešeren also married and had his own kids with a different woman, Primic continued to be the love of his life. 

Cross the Famed Tromostovje or Triple Bridge

You will see a group of three bridges just off Prešeren Square adorned with stone balustrades and lanterns. The bride in the middle of the three is the oldest that dates as far back as 1842. It was only in 1930 that Plečnik added the remaining two. The Triple Bridge is now one of the iconic landmarks of the capital city. 

Start searching for luxury apartments in Ljubljana today and experience its beauty all year round!

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