One of the world’s most attractive countries for property investment

Low cost of living, good education, low crime rates and excellent culture make Belgium an interesting proposition for investors worldwide. On top of that, Belgium is one of the closest European countries to London, which means investments may prove profitable within a very short period of time if you purchase your homes in London or around these areas. There are countless other reasons why investing in Belgian housing market might be beneficial to you! Foreigners who wish to buy absentee real estate investments in Belgium benefit from easy purchase procedures.

Usually it is enough just to provide proof that you will not use your property as a main residence because then no additional taxes applied on this type of investment. According to the law, immigrant to Belgium are allowed to buy a new or second-hand property in their name or in the name of any person who will be living with them, even if you do not have Belgian citizenship ( In some cases foreigners with residence permit can also benefit from this law. The real estate market in Belgium has been recovering slowly after the economic crisis with prices going up. As a result it is no wonder that more and more foreign investors show interest in buying homes right here!

Low cost of living, good education, low crime rates and excellent culture make Belgium an interesting proposition for investors worldwide.

Many people think that Brussels is a very cold city with a lot of rain. Indeed, many business travelers to stay one night in Brussels and then fly somewhere warm. This is not true because the city is much more interesting and has a lot to offer! In fact, Brussels is probably one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in Europe and it’s many attractions can easily compete with those of Paris or Vienna.

Belgium’s capital Brussels has always been very attractive to foreign workers and students, due to its international atmosphere and position as headquarters of many European institutions. The city is surrounded by beautiful forests, castles and picturesque villages. Thanks to the presence of so many universities this cosmopolitan city stays young with lots of activities to offer catering for all tastes . All this makes houses in Brussels , apartments in Etterbeek or studios in Ixelles highly sought after by expats and international students.

Belgium has a reputation for flat and boring architecture, but don’t be fooled. There are plenty of interesting buildings in this small country . The Grand Place (Grote Markt) is the center of Brussels’ city life and an excellent place to wander around and experience Belgium’s unique architecture , shops, cafés and restaurants. Other places of interest include art nouveau houses on Avenue Louise and Mont des Arts or modernist town houses on Rue Antoine Dansaert.

Brussels is among the most popular cities to live in Belgium thanks to its multicultural atmosphere, close proximity to other European capitals such as Paris and London, good public transport network and vibrant nightlife . A new wave of people from other European countries who are unable to afford the current prices in their own capitals is making property in Brussels more expensive. If you want a central apartment in Brussels it’s best you start looking as soon as possible or settle for an hour from the city center if that’s all you can afford.

Belgium is a federal state with 3 communities and 3 regions. The bilingual community is the Brussels Capital Region. The three regions are: The Flemish Region or Flanders in the north, the Walloon region and Brussels, which is an enclave in the middle of these two regions where both official languages are spoken: French and Dutch. It’s important to know that all Belgian provinces also belong to one of these parts of Belgium! So when you go for house hunting outside the capital region it means you don’t want to live in Brussels but in another part of Belgium like Antwerp, Limburg or Liège.

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Slovenia was recently hailed as one of the world’s top ten destinations for property investment. The growth forecast of the country is expected to be more than 280% in the next decade. That’s a big enough reason why you should consider Ljubljana as Your Top Choice for Luxury Apartments.

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