Antique Fireplace Accessories

Nothing is as cozy as sitting near a crackling fireplace on a chilly night. To get the true nostalgic feeling of a fireplace setting you need to have a few basic antique fireplace accessories. Using antique fireplace accessories has become very popular in the last few years because of the elegance they can bring into a room.

One of the many antique fireplace accessories you might want to purchase is a coal bucket. These are normally made of steel, cast iron, brass or copper. You can use them to store kindling. Not only is this antique fireplace accessory useful it is also very decorative. Another of the antique fireplace accessories is a match holder. These were an essential fireplace accessory in the past. They not only hold the matches needed to light the kindling wood, but they keep matches away from children and also offer a place to keep the matches dry.

An antique fireplace screen will not only keep sparks from landing on the floor it will add a very nice look to the fireplace. When fireplace screens were first used they were made to be free standing. They were commonly made out of whatever metal was available. Using cast iron was common but not very efficient as the sparks of wood chips could escape thought the rungs. During the 1700’s the fireplaces took on a new look with more elegant accessories, including the fireplace screen. Many were made that could be folded out . These are still available and quite popular among those searching for true antique fireplace accessories.

Other antique fireplace accessories include andirons that are made of metal and support the logs inside the fireplace. They help the air circulate to keep the fire burning at a steady rate. There are many andirons made today that are replicas of this antique fireplace accessory.

Anyone that owns a home with a working fireplace needs the tools used to keep the fire going properly. There are many antique fireplace accessories that can be purchased such as the poker. These are normally made out of a heavy metal. Fireplace tongs are also necessary. These too, are made of heavy metal but some antique fireplace tongs did include wooden handles. Fireplace tongs are quite long and are used to move the wood around inside the fireplace without getting burnt.

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